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Pedagogické fakulty UK
Praha 13, Mezi Školami 2322
Adresa: Mezi Školami 2322/1,
Stodůlky, 158 00 Praha 5
tel: 251 613 247
tel/fax: 251 619 150
nová budova pro 1. stupeň, poklepem zvětšíte
jedna ze dvou multimediálních laboratoří, poklepem zvětšíte
jedna ze dvou tělocvičen, poklepem zvětšíte
první stupeň
ještě jednou první stupeň
na druhém stupni
biologický kroužek - králíci, potkani, činčily, křečci, morčata, rybičky, papoušci, chameleon, ...
jídelna, poklepem zvětšíte
na lyžařském kursu v Postalmu (Rakousko), poklepem zvětšíte
paleontologická vycházka (Prokopské údolí, lom Mušlovka), poklepem zvětšíte
v Radotínském údolí na poznávacím výletě, poklepem zvětšíte
nález hlavonožců na paleontologickém výletě (Prokopské údolí, Kovářovic mez), poklepem zvětšíte
v přírodě chutná, poklepem zvětšíte
Fakultní základní škola PedFUK
Praha 13, Mezi Školami 2322
Mezi Školami 2322/1, Stodůlky, 158 00 Praha 5
Welcome to the Elementary School pages.

Our 30 teachers educate 465 students in 20 classrooms. Most of our faculty hold advanced academic degrees.

Our youngest pupils benefit from the new pavilion that offers the pleasant atmosphere of a small school while the proximity of the larger school provides the background necessary for running a well-rounded educational program. Our school is equipped with modern chemistry, physics, and natural science labs.

Students learn English and German. Painting and drawing, music education, and learning of practical skills such as cooking and sewing rounds out the education. In addition, the students can enroll in the voluntary subject of Astronomy.Students have access to a well-equipped computer lab where they can learn basic computer skills as well as the principles of computer science. Physical education is supplemented by intramural tournaments.

In order to supplement the academic subjects, we provide extended student trips where the students spend most of their time outdoors. The students have an opportunity to study abroad. This year the students visited Great Britain. The 7th grade students are provided with skiing courses in Austria and in the Czech mountains. Every year the students attend trips and excursions in the Czech Republic as well as in other European countries. The 3rd grade students are enrolled in swimming classes and swimming teams.

Astronomical observations and field trips with geological and paleontological themes are offered to students of all grades. Younger students have driver education as a part of the curriculum. Students participate in numerous sports tournaments as well as in mathematical contests, and music and poetry events. Students are encouraged to attend voluntary clubs with themes such as English conversation, chorus, playing guitar, ornithology, history, soccer, painting and others.

1.9.2009 · PhDr. Petr Vodsloň, headteacher